Friday, January 6, 2012

a yearly tradition

this is my husband matt.
have i mentioned before that he is a little wacky?
well he is, and it is one of the things i love about him. he declared that this year and every year hence forth he will do a polar bear swim on christmas morning. for those of you in the great white north right now this might not sound so bad considering we live in south florida and all, but i assure you on christmas morning the water in that pool is no longer comfortable.
as evidenced by micah running away before his daddy could throw him in the pool.
mom, i love you in jammies and your christmas scarf holding a new baby. beautiful!
the crazy kid came back for more though...
and got himself dunked. he liked it, don't worry.
a special treat that my parents were with us for christmas this year. the first time we have had company on christmas in our home. it was wonderful and i appreciated the extra hands for entertainment of my children purposes. i love when my dad is on vacation. he smiles alot.

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Mom VC said...

We really enjoyed our trip down to spend Christmas with you this year!!! It was extra special to meet Penelope for the first time too. What a precious bundle of joy!!
I love you,