Tuesday, August 24, 2010

chapel tuesday

Tuesday is chapel day for Micah. Which means chapel attire, long pants, black belt, button down shirt and a tie. He was not happy! But he got over it when daddy told him that even the high schoolers don't like chapel attire either. I told him he had alot of miserable Tuesdays ahead of him if he didn't figure out how to deal with it. Then I whispered to Matt that if I ever decide to give Micah a personal day to just stay home and do nothing (Which I plan on doing every once in awhile. Come on he's in kindergarten!) I will choose Tuesday to do it.

On the way to class we had to stop and take a picture. Ok, a FEW pictures.

On the way to school this morning Micah said to me, "Mommy, I really wish I could introduce you to Abby." So that is what we did, I shook her hand and introduced myself to her. I asked if I could take their picture and she handed Micah this heart and said, "here hold this for the picture." well Ok, I thought. Matt said he went to check on Micah yesterday at lunch and he stopped at the door to just watch him without Micah knowing that he was there. Matt said Micah was sitting next to Abby and they were just talking and laughing and eating together like old friends. I guess they have lunch duty together all week which means they have to help the lunch lady clean up the cafeteria. After I took their picture this morning I turned around and a lady stuck her hand out to me and said, "you must be Micah's mom. My daughter is obsessed with Micah. All she talks about at home is Micah this and Micah that." I said, "nice to meet you. I'm Lydia and they seem to really get along great." We smiled at each other and I kissed Micah goodbye. It's nice to know he is making good friends!
Though I miss having Micah around, I have been thankful for the one on one time with Beatrix. Her whole little life we have never had that. I am sure I will learn a lot about her. For now, I know she likes to read books in the car while I drive.

first homework assignment

Sunday we did something in our house that we have never done before and will do 1000 more times in our future....that's right homework. Micah had his first assigment given to him last Friday. Sunday after naps, Beatrix was happy and the rest of us were rested so Micah and I sat down to do his homework. I asked Matt to document the first time. It was an assignment telling the class about yourself without telling them who wrote it. He drew his hair and color, his eyes, his favorite color and his favorite animal, an anaconda. (which changes daily) It was yet another surreal moment in this school adventure and I wanted to make sure I soaked it in. How many times over the next few years will we sit in this exact spot working on problems, stories, coloring, drawing, and questions? It's just the beginning, but I need to remember the first time.

pirate party

Saturday we had Micah's 5th Birthday party at the beach. He told me about 6 months ago that he wanted a pirate party.
I made more cupcakes and topped them with pirate gold. He really wanted a ship with a giant octopus attacking it, but since we were having it at a very very hot beach I figured I would allow myself the easy route and do cupcakes.
The present of the day...an army helicopter. Thanks Micah Tumas!!!
The other great one, a super soaker to be used on Dido if she is biting us.
The one thing Micah asked for that I did manage to do was a treasure hunt. I told them that I had received a map from a pirate captain named Max. He had only given me the first piece and the other two pieces were hidden around the park somewhere. While Matt was burying the treasure under the pier we searched the park for the rest of the map.
Found the three pieces and now to figure out where the x marks.
"I know! I know! It's by the pier!"

They were too quick for me to get a picture of it, but X did mark the spot.
Wearing the spoils of the hunt...eye patches, earrings, pirate pencils, chocolate gold and suckers.
a pirate princess

When we got back up to the park we all got fish and chips and sat in the shade retelling the stories of Captain Max.
M - "Mama? How did Pirate Max give you the map?"
me - "um...eat your fish". *grin*
The only way to eat fish and chips at the beach, laying down.
Over all he said it was a great day and an awesome pirate party. Thanks friends for joining us and Happy 5th Birthday Buddy!

Monday, August 23, 2010

turning 5

As if I wasn't emotional enough Micah also turned 5 on the first day of school. Me and my tear stained face got home and started making the cupcakes to take back to his class at 2:00.
Bea and I stopped to get Micah some dinosaur balloons.
The class had been celebrating him all day.
It was weird seeing his name all over the room. Like here at his table...
and here...
and here.
When he came in from being outside he went straight to his table and said "Oh, mama! These are AWESOME!!!" I couldn't stop grinning.
His classmates thought they were pretty cool too!
My five year old little man!
His table mates enjoying their cupcakes.
His class... The lady in orange is the principle Mrs. Ansell. And the lady in the pink is Micah's teacher Mrs. Scott. It was a fun day of celebration. When we all got home from school he opened his presents and we had dinner, took baths and he and Beatrix were in bed by 7:00 and asleep by 7:15. It was a fun day for him, but he was pretty wiped out!
Happy Birthday Micah!!!

first day of school

Matt and I got up a little bit before waking up the munchkins. I needed the time to have another cry. I had been tearing up easily for the past two days. We woke the kids and got ready in no time flat. Matt has to be at the school by 7:30 so we were out the door by 6:45. Micah looks so big and just typing this makes me tear up again. But he was ready and excited so I tried to keep how I was feeling which was mostly sad, inside.
All smiles! The camera was having a hard time adjusting to the early morning humidity.

We dropped Matt off and since we had 25 minutes to kill we went to Dunkin donuts to split a breakfast sandwich and a donut.
I love how her pinky finger is sticking out so lady like and dainty.

And here it begins for real. No going back now, though i thought about it. This is the start of the car line.
Walking like he owns the place.
We met at the front door so he could walk in with us too.
Micah finding his name tag and hook.
Taking his assignment book into Mrs. Scott.
A precious hug from Daddy before he had to leave to get back to class.
I hugged Micah good bye too even though I could have stood there all day just listening. But I gave him a big smile, told him I would see him soon with birthday cupcakes, kissed him goodbye and stood by the door where he couldn't see me for just a little bit. I walked slowly away and took this picture of his hook....and then I let the tears fall quietly and freely all the way to the car and a couple of miles after that.