Saturday, October 31, 2009

peter pan and the butterfly

We met our friends Matt and Michelle and their 3 kids for trick or treating again this year. Before we went out though we all gathered for pizza and a few pictures. Than we headed out to our neighborhood for some treats!
What words are there for this picture???
I mean really, it melts your heart into a gooey pile of mush!
Getting ready to take off
My amazing Peter Pan and his sword to fight off Captain Hook. He thought the sword was pretty fantastic!

I love these wings...I think they are so beautiful!
Cool rocks

Beatrix just may be a kitty whisperer....
this cat came right up to Beatrix and than laid down in front of Bea and waited for her to pet her.
The four of them begging at a door! Too cute for words!!!

Beatrix's Birthday

This post is coming soon! I am waiting on the pictures from Michigan. I will tell you all about the big bash we had last saturday when I get the pics. More to come....

beatrix and the pool

my brother is so interesting i just can't stay away.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

pretend fall

I went to pick up pumpkins yesterday for our party and the whole parking lot of this church was FULL of them! After we picked ours M and B had so much fun climbing all over this makeshift patch. Moments like these...

Beatrix turns ONE!

We have befriended 3 PBA students that moved in next to us. They have really delved into our lives. Tuesday morning Nicole dropped by to say hello and to play with the kids awhile. I caught this wonderful picture of the 3 of them!
Our friends Briony, Andy and their 8 month old son Charlie brought Beatrix a balloon and some birthday cupcakes. She didn't know what to do while we were all singing to her. So sweet
Not sure what to think of this mom!
Tuesday afternoon we walked over to our neighborhood bird store to say hello to Cindy. She is the owners mom and she works in the store 4 days a week. We met her when we first moved to the neighborhood 2 years ago. She asked us to stop by on Bea's birthday. Well this nice lady had bags of goodies for all 3 of us!
Micah with his new car.
Overall we really didn't do too much on Tuesday cause Saturday we are having a blow out party. We are mixing her birthday with a Halloween party. Pumpkin carving contest, bobbing for apples and other fun activities. I sent out about 12 invitations but Matt keeps inviting more people! It is going to be a BLAST! Did I mention it was a costume party? Can't wait to see how everyone dresses up! I have been too busy to write a heartfelt post remembering where I was a year ago today, but it has been whirling around in my head, developing. More to come...

our sundays together

Sundays have turned into special days for our family. Because I have been working 4 nights and Matt has his college class two nights, Sunday has become the only day that we all have together. It starts with chuch, than out for breakfest, wonderful sunday naps, and than something fun in the afternoon. Last Sunday we went on a walk downtown West Palm. Matt got hot chocolate and we just enjoyed the cooler day. You can tell from the jackets that last Sunday the temp. dropped least enough that these florida kids were chilly!

Wanting to get out and walk around too.
Micah is going to be Peter Pan for Halloween and this is his sword to fight Captain Hook. It has gone everywhere with us lately.
Trying to grab the sword from her big girl seat. I love Sundays!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy 2nd Brenna!

Hope you have a great day sweetheart! Wish we could be there to help celebrate the day you came into the world! Enjoy the balloons. Micah wanted to send you the spider man balloon and the rest are girly and beautiful like you!!!!
from this HOT harrison house in south florida