Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Micah and the Beanstalk

"Mommy look! There are flowers on my beans!"


Oatmeal and some "sauce!"
Micah's new silly face.

Getting ready for church.
Matt loved his little shorts and wanted to get a picture of them.
He wanted to comb his hair by himself and mine was only half finished.

A new friend...mr. lizard.

Saturday Morning at the Beach

Saturday morning we loaded up the car and headed to Lake Worth Beach. It was a beautiful and very windy morning. We sat by the water and let the salty spray cover us. After about an hour and a half we were hungry so we loaded ourselves up with stuff and headed back to the car to dump most of it off. On the way I stopped at our favorite spot John G's and ordered us fish and chips. THE BEST FISH AND CHIPS! Who are we kidding we came to the beach just for an excuse to get John G's. It was yummy. We all took great naps after all of that salty air and warm sun. It was a lovely Saturday with our little family.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April 20th, 2009

This is for you Mom!

Dear Mom,
I know you want to see pictures of me, but these are the kinds of shots I get of myself. Not the most flattering. Kids hanging on me, droopey eyes, hair that I didn't have time to fix before church and no time for pretty poses with out someone going blurry. But I guess that is where I am right now, isn't it? This is the time of my life, right? Funny thing is that is what the message was all about on Sunday. Really focusing on the moment instead of wishing for something else. It was on Philippians 4 which is what one of the pastor's at Matt's school gave us to think about when I was so stressed while I was pregnant with Beatrix. Not worrying about tomorrow! Good advice. So here are some pictures for you Mom and anyone else who may be looking at these. Be kind! I am tired and boy do I look it!
I Love and Miss You...Enjoy!
Your sleep deprived but happy daughter,

Bea's First Corn

I am sure that corn is not supposed to be a first food, but when your mama is from Iowa what do you expect?? I think Bea has been teething so gumming this cob probably felt great on her gums.

I Could be Your Adrienne!

So, I married Rocky! Matt and I fell into the discussion a while back that began with, "You know my body doesn't quite look like it did a few years ago", and ended with signing up for a boxing class. I asked him if he wanted to join a gym and he said he really missed the fight nights his Kung Fu class had in Grand Rapids. He started looking into gyms and found this boxing gym relatively close to our house. He had his first night in the ring on Friday and got a couple of knocks to the head and landed a few himself. He was flying high when he got home. We are both determined to become healthier and establish some good habits for excercise and wellness. Sounds cheesy doesn't it?? But it seems to be working so far.

Swim Lessons

Micah offically started swimming lessons last Thursday. We go to my friend April's house and Mrs. Downs comes to teach about 5-6 kids lessons. She spends about 20 minutes with each of them. She is very patient and a great teacher. She even got Micah to put his face in the water the first lesson. A feet he was quite excited to tell daddy the moment he got home.

Sailfish Marina

One of Micah's most favorite things to do is to go to Sailfish Marina and feed the huge fish, called Jacks. So over Easter weekend we saved all of the crust from Micah's toast and headed over there the Monday after easter. Matt was off Friday through Monday from school. After a nice breakfest we headed out.

This is Micah's new silly face. He thinks it is hilarious. He is holding the bowl of crusts on his head.Feeding those hungry Jacks.

Don't know if you can see it or not, but there is a pretty large sting ray in this picture.

And one last melt your heart moment, but I happened to catch this cause of my nifty camera that goes everwhere with me. Just look at how they are looking at each other. I am totally going to save this for when they are teenagers!

Easter Sunday

I can NOT believe we didn't get a family picture for Easter! I don't know what I was thinking. We all looked soo good. hahaha! Anyway, here are a couple of Matt and Beatrix ( I know Mom you want to see me :) and one of Micah and his two friends at what he fondly calls Sunday School, Micah and Jake.

Artist Micah...

Micah drew this rainbow and was quite proud of himself.
I said to him, "Wow, Buddy you are a great artist!"
He said, "Yes I am and I am a good mechanic."

Friday, April 17, 2009

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to you all and may you have a day filled with rememberance, thanksgiving and beautiful moments with family and friends!

Mr Fix It

Yesterday I glanced into Micah's room and he was hunched over something pulling tape out of the dispenser. My initial reaction was to get upset and remove the tape from him. I stopped myself though and had a quick thought. "would I like to be interupted if I was hard at work on something and is a roll of tape really that big of deal?" So I quietly walked away and went about my business. I took Beatrix out of her swing and we laid on my bed playing and being silly. Micah walked in a couple of minutes later with something behind his back. He pulled it out and said, "Surprise, Look what I did Mommy!" This was what he showed me. His blue monster truck that he had broken the day before. I looked at it closely and was really impressed with his efforts. He made sure that the tape went all the way under the truck and that it didn't touch the wheels so that they could move freely. The look on his face was pure pride. Imagine that I could have taken that away from him by getting all upset about $2.00 worth of tape... I seem to be the one learning the most from these little people.

Tender Moments

Do you ever happen upon a scene that causes a lump to rise in your throat? A moment so beautiful you want to freeze time and remember it forever? This was one of those times. Tuesday night I was rushing around trying to get everything in order before bedtime. I had made Matt a bottle to give Beatrix. I got Micah out of the tub and had him dressed for bed when he told me he wanted to go and kiss daddy and Beatrix good night. I sent him out to find them and when he didn't come back I went looking for him. This is what I found... It brings tears to my eyes just looking at these pictures cause I love this little family so much it hurts. This is what matters, moments like these. Not laundry, or a clean house, dinner being on time or if there is a sink filled with dirty dishes. I am not going to be old and gray someday wishing I would have had a cleaner house, I am going to wish no LONG for these moments. Moments when my kids are little and able to fit on our laps.