Friday, January 6, 2012

catching up

the pictures are out of order, but that's ok. it is a miracle that i got them on here at all.

my brain is foggy and fuzzy and all around not clear. going from sleeping regularly to not very often is playing tricks on my brain. i drop sentences in the middle of speaking, i don't remember when matt and micah leave in the morning to go to school, i have fallen asleep in the rocking chair more than once and i stand in one place in the house trying to remember what it was i was on my way to do. but it is worth it cause penelope is growing and that is what is important.

we had visitors for christmas and it was wonderful. my parents were here for almost a week around christmas. it was fun having them here. they took the kids on a two-mile-one-way-walk the first day they were here, we went to the new chipmunks movie one day and went to a huge bonfire on the beach later that same night. it was comical getting anywhere with all 7 of us because we would either have to make two trips or mom and i would have to sit in the back of our car. hilarious! most of the time we hung out around home watching movies. my mom and i got to go shopping for a couple of hours one day and we went to christmas eve and christmas day service at our church, which was within walking distance.

she is 3 weeks old...
i look huge. someday, i will look back on this picture and not think that at all but for now i look at it and think, "i look huge!"
one of the lego sets that micah got for christmas. the age suggestion on this one was 7-12 years. ??? um, hello lego company? my son is 6!
3 days after my parents left matt's parents arrived for a visit. micah was ecstatic as he got a second christmas and more grandparents willing to give him lots of attention. matt and his parents took the kids fishing one day while i went to the doctor. micah was itching to use his new pole that he got for christmas. he also showed them his 4 lego sets that he got and promptly put together in less then 24 hours, it was amazing. beatrix enjoyed showing them her new Thomas the Train pillow and cooking food for them in her new kitchen. they all enjoyed playing games on their i-pads. will i even know what an i-pad is when i re-read this in years to come? one evening matt, his dad and his mom were all sitting on the couch playing with their own i-pads while i sat feeding penelope. it was pretty comical. we had a nice relaxed time and lots of fun. one afternoon we did manage to make it to the ocean for a walk on the pier, followed by pizza downtown lake worth and ice cream.
it is wonderful when family visits! i love living in south florida and i love my families...but i wish i could somehow meld the two together. matt and i are guessing they will retire somewhere close by, both sets expressed how much they loved our weather.

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