Monday, June 21, 2010

headed to iowa

the kids and i are headed to iowa to visit family for two weeks. it will be a great trip...once we get there. i do have to travel with two little ones for 8 hours and i have to fly solo without matt. i hate flying. maybe it is the loss of control...who is flying that plane anyway or maybe it is the fact that it IS TOTALLY UNNATURAL!!! anyway, say a prayer for me won't you? i will need it. so, see you all in a couple of weeks. we are headed to corn country.

m and m

the day we went to the beach brought one of the most special moments for me as a mother. that was watching my two men snorkel together in the ocean. micah rode on matt's back and together they explored the depths of blue looking for fish and whatever else they might find. i don't think there is anything more fabulous as a mom than watching daddy be an amazing father! i love this picture for several reasons. number one the relaxed way that matt is with micah, number two the way micah's arm is securely around his trusting...number 3 the flippers micah are wearing, so cute and little and number 4 the pure fact that they are doing something they both love, together.

summer begins

we spent last monday at the beach. it was wonderful! micah, matt and i snorkeled with our good friends john and heather monda and their son roman. it was a great day of sun, sand and lots of water. when we got home beatrix tried her hand at snorkeling too.

a nod to grandpa

this picture just make me laugh!

picking her out

that's right. we are adding another family member. this one has 4 legs, a wet nose and dog breath. we are still having discussions about what to name her. matt is picking her up while i am in iowa with the kids the end of june. and i'm not sure who is more excited about this next phase of our family, matt or those two under the blankets.

what she loves

shoes and sunglasses...they don't have to be hers to wear them.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

a decade of...

love, happiness, anger, joy, sorrow, we celebrate a decade of our lives spent together. i can't even begin to try to do the last 10 years justice. but if i had the time i could write pages and pages of all that we have learned and been through. i can honestly say i love matt more and more every day. because of him i learn new things about myself, daily it seems. he is always learning, always reading, always questioning things and he always takes the time to explain it all to me. for that i am so thankful! here is to a decade of being Mrs. Harrison and sharing my life with a wonderful man!