Tuesday, October 26, 2010

getting to know you

dear beatrix,
i thought i knew you so well. in fact when micah started kindergarten i have to be honest, i was thinking about losing my time with him. what i didn't realize was that by him going to school it has given us time together that we had never had before. i have loved the days where we drop daddy and micah off at school, give them both a hug and a kiss and then we set out on our errands. even though sometimes those errands include boring things like sitting in the carmax dealership waiting for two hours for them to look over the car. it also includes really great errands, like target. you love target! and you know why that is so great? cause your my little girl. and you will understand things that micah and daddy never will. like why it is important to look at pretty clothes even if you aren't going to buy them and the importance of walking through the craft isle just to look and get ideas and how important it is to go in there with a list or you end up finding a million other things that you "need". little things like that i never thought about before micah went to school. i love the way you like to do things with me. i love learning more about you. i love you and me time. i love your smiling face in my cart. and i LOVE that you can take something micah wore when he was little and make it look so feminine and cute in a totally different way. i love you beatrix. and i am so thankful for this time to get to know YOU!

burnin' a hole

micah's money was burning a hole in his pocket. he got quite a fair amount for his birthday and a toys r' us gift card, but we put off getting anything until he had enjoyed all of the gifts that he received. he choose a remote contolled boat and was so excited to run it! it has provided loads of entertainment...for a certain adult in the family too. matt tries to "catch" micah with the boat or they play a game where micah tries to grab the boat before it can get to the deep end. he ends up giggling hysterically and nearly drowning. good times!