Saturday, January 21, 2012

green stamps

i almost gave all of these to the goodwill,
but matt rescued them from the box.
the previous owner of the house never got a chance to use these. green stamps date pretty far back. S & H green stamps were trading stamps that were popular from 1930-the 1980's. Customers would receive stamps at the checkout counters of supermarkets, department stores and gas stations which could be redeemed for products in a catalog provided by the company. we researched if they even still did it and sure enough you could still redeem green stamps for things like apple gift cards and many many other relevant stores. matt and micah spent an evening gluing and counting the stamps. we also researched how to go about redeeming the stamps. we had to glue them onto paper and count all of them. some had value of 50, while others were 20 or 10.
after all the counting was complete matt had something like 48,000 points. he looked at me with a very knowing and reprimanding look.
last week he finally received the email stating that his stamps had been received. i walked in the room as he was "spending" his stamps. he told me later that he spent it on two apple gift cards for i-tunes. "one for me", he said and then he grinned, "and i got you one too."

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gem said...

i remember s&h stamps! so i suppose that dates me a bit, but that was an unexpected and fun "stroll" down memory lane... albiet fuzzy as it was a long time ago, but as soon as i read the post title i thought of the s&h stamps, then thought certainly no! but yes! .... they used to taste sort of yummy to my little girl self.... the licky part of course.
don't suppose you licked all those stamps.