Wednesday, November 12, 2008

beatrix's 1st photo shoot

Here are more amazing pictures that my friend Karyn took of us this Saturday. Aren't they awesome? She really captured Beatrix's newborn fuzzy head look and the excitement of Micah. Her wonderful website is What a talent she has... Thank you Karyn we will treasure these forever!

Monday, November 10, 2008

I should be in bed, but...

I really should be in bed, but I really wanted to post these pictures from my mom's recent visit. She just left on Saturday and I have to admitt I cried alot when she left. The idea of being on my own is terrifying this time around. Don't know how I am going to do it other then one day at a time... and I am not sure if this reality check is just hormone induced or real, but it has indeed sunk in that two is lots more then one!

Mom and Micah at the beach on Friday. The waves were gorgeous and huge and they ran in and out racing them. What a precious moment to witness. Last time my mom left Micah called me Grandma for two days. She is much more fun and tireless!

Beatrix, almost 3 week old. Kind of a smile... Have we ever gotten loads of pink!
Quite different from all the blue last time around.
Big Brother and Little Miss BeaBea!
What a helper this little man is. He is always wanting to hug and kiss her too. Which is deffinetly better then hitting and trying to get rid of her! Thanks for your prayers for me and for our little family of four. I feel sad somedays and very overwhelmed, but happy at the same time. Micah adjusting has been tough and I wasn't really prepared for the constant testing that would insue, but we are hanging in there. Don't ask me how it works it just is....
My scuba-diving-in-his-underware son in the pool in our backyard. He is adventurous, brave and fearless! He had so much fun with Grandma looking for bugs under stones and creating silly games that only the two of them understood. Thanks mom for all of your help! What an amazing week and I am so thankful for you. However, you do leave a girl wanting more, much much more! That offer to retire and move down here is always an option, right?