Friday, February 15, 2008

Family Photos

In Our Back Yard

In Between Shots

He climbed right up that tree!


I love his smile.
We took some family pictures in our back yard with the timer. Yes, the family pictures that I meant to send to my loved ones at Christmas. Here it is in the lazy way, via the web. Thank you modern technology. Love from down south. xo

Monday, February 11, 2008

Micah help

i think that i hear this request 100 times a day. micah help. which means that micah wants to do it. another phrase he uses is micah self. we have been working on the personal pronouns, but alas he is two, so micah self it is.

this morning i was so tired after working three CRAZY nights in a row that all i wanted to do was sleep all day. (can i get an Amen from all the mother's out there?) anyway, i slothed as long as possible but finally crawled out of bed and began to make breakfest for micah and me. he requested sausage and pancakes. i agreed. i had the sausage going and the pancake batter ready when micah came into the kitchen and said, " micah help". i said ok you can help mama pour the batter. then he disappeared out of the kitchen. i had poured the batter and was getting a spatula out of the drawer when micah walked in again dragging his bathroom step stool behind him. he put it up against the counter where the griddle was set up and again said, "micah help". i said mama heard you micah, but please be careful that is very very hot. he grabbed the spatula and looked at me very seriously and said, "micah not a baby, micah boy!"

when did my two year old become an independent well spoken boy? i smiled and let him turn the pancakes, well help me turn the pancakes.

here's to getting out of bed and having wonderful days despite sleep deprivation!

Friday, February 8, 2008

a history lesson 101

well here we are in south florida and you have come to see us. thanks. i thought about writing all about our lives since we moved down to west palm beach, a year and a half ago, as if i hadn't just created this site today; however that would require alot of back tracking and frankly i just don't have the time. so you can go to snapfish and view past photos to feel like you are up to date.

we are doing well. i can honestly say this now. it is such an answer to prayer to be able to say that i actually like this hotter then hades place, but i do. our friends have helped to make it wonderful and i am starting to even acclimate. we have had several of you as guests which has been a break in the routine and much appreciated. more of you are always welcome....

matt is still loving teaching. (hopefully in future posts i can get him to write on here) he has encountered a little more of the politics of education this year, but he is handling it like a trooper. i am at home with micah during the day, but at night i am a cocktail (just kidding) i am a server at a really cute italian bistro right around the corner from our house. side note---we are renting a little house 2 blocks from the intercostal in west palm beach and 2 miles from the ocean. back to the story, so i work there in the evenings 3-4 nights a week. micah is as wonderful as ever. and i'm not just saying that because i am his mom, he has been told that on numerous occasions. hahaha! he is 2 and a half, loves his friends, he prays for them by name every night. and i here him rousing from his nap so i will write more about him later. i'm trying to remember this is just my first post....

well until the next time, signing off as "hot" mama...seriously it is 83 degrees today!