Monday, February 14, 2011

a day for love

is your
looking a little dusty?
well brush it off.
and polish it even.
put some time into making it

100 days

last thursday was micah's 100th day of school. maybe it's been a couple of thursdays ago now. anyway, he had to do a project for school to celebrate the 100th day and also because they are learning to count to 100 by 10s. it had to be some sort of collage with 100 items on the paper and it was up to the student or family to be creative and think of a way to incorporate 100 things. whew! so i asked micah what he had in mind and he told me exactly how big he wanted it and that he wanted to draw a race car with the number 100 on it somewhere. so i handed him a pencil and he traced it all out first and then he outlined it in marker.
we found 100 items around the house in groups of 10. we glued them in various places and then we made a key so he could count by 10s when he presented it to the class. it was his idea to color it afterward. we had to get pretty creative with some of the items. there were 10 spaghetti noodles, 10 pieces of cut up straw, 10 triangles, squares and circles, 10 blue fruit loops, 10 light blue buttons, 10 dark blue buttons, 10 pieces of yarn and 10 heart marshmallows. (which attracted roughly 100 ants, his teacher told me. hahaha!)

it turned out really cute and it was a great exercise in patience and self control for me. patience because it takes 5 year olds a long time to create things. like 2 and a half hours for example. and it helped me with self control because i really wanted to take over and make it "perfect". however if i would have done that i never would have gotten to see the look of pride on his little face.

a new do

it was time for a change
and it was short or dreds.
i choose short.
i may still do dreds.

taking it all in...

days are short aren't they?
with special things happening all the time that we don't notice enough.
like purple nails
a luvy bear that was once white, now grey from love.
and eyelashes that go on forever
there are looks that our little ones make that
we are going to wish we could see
one more time.
like this...
and this.
i am aware that days are short.

and so i froze some in time.


i found a template for these little birds on line last week. i knew i had to make some. i think they turned out adorable. when micah saw them he asked me to make beatrix and him one too. they are happy little things, aren't they?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

bathing by candlelight

a short story...
once upon a time there was a light switch. this light switch had been around its old house for many many years. one saturday it began to chip a way and before the owners of the light switch knew it they had to take the light switch cover off in order to turn the light switch off and on. well, this worked ok for a day or two but soon the light switch's protective plastic coating was all but absent and so the daddy of the house removed the final pieces. feeling quite exposed and highly electrically charged, the little light switch would not allow anyone to touch him with their hands. the daddy of the house being very creative found a screwdriver to turn the light switch off and on. upon completing the task of turning it on or off, whatever the case may be, he would place the screwdriver on a shelf high up so the two babies of the house could not get it. the next day while the mommy of the house was in the kitchen the littlest baby of the house was being unusually quiet. upon being checked it was discovered that she was in her room quietly playing with said screw driver. not even wondering how her littlest one had gotten the screwdriver the mommy decided to let her play with it and pretend she was fixing things. a few moments later a little squeak was heard by the mommy. when she entered the room she saw the littlest one standing under the overexposed light switch with the tad bit melted screwdriver in her hand and a shocked but pleasant look on her face. freaking out, the mommy thoroughly checked over the littlest one to make sure her brain had not melted out of her head due to the 110 volts she is pretty sure could have zapped her. (however, daddy has assured mommy that due to the plastic handle on the screwdriver the littlest one was protected from most of the voltage) since the daddy was teaching late that night and the mommy could not figure out how to change the fuses the babies were given a bath by candlelight. and fun was had by all. the end.

making bagels

last week i tried my hand at making bagels and you know what? they tasted amazing! when matt got home from teaching he ate three of them! the trick is boiling the dough for 2 minutes. i also sprinkled a mixture of sesame and poppy seeds, garlic powder and sea salt on top after i was finished boiling them. then i baked the bagels for 20 minutes and wah-la...homemade delicious bagels. i got the recipe by goggling homemade bagels and clicked on the first one. make sure the recipe you use includes a bath for the little buddies. that's what makes them soooo great!


cuddly friends, a warm blanket and a phone...
my girl knows how to do a morning right!