Sunday, April 20, 2008

pottys and other dances

last night matt and i were chaperones at the prom. we did it last year, but this year was the first year that the principal (in the history of the school) wasn't going to be there. so matt and i were asked last week to be the chaperones to watch all of these kids. oh yeah, did i mention that they had a high school prom with high schoolers at a HOTEL!? people are crazy.

anyway, while we were gone dancing the night away and breaking up make out sessions, micah was home with our babysitter amanda. when we got home we were telling amanda about our night and then we asked how micah did. "well", she says "he watched cars and we played with cars while we watched the movie. we had mac and cheese and strawberries, he really ate alot. then he took a bath and when he was almost done he asked for diego. so i put him on the diego potty and he went potty. then we read books..." "wait, wait, wait a minute", matt interupts, "what do you mean he went on the potty?" amanda says, "he sat on the potty, pushed his pee pee down and everything and went tinkle in the potty. doesn't he do that?" (matt and i are looking at each other speechless.) i swallow and say, "he's never gone in the potty... our son just trained himself while we were out at prom." matt looks at me and says, "whose diego?" i laughed and told him. matt says, "good thing you were here amanda i would have had no clue what micah was talking about." yeah, i thought to myself good thing amanda was here to witness a milestone, cause his parents were at a dance thankful that our little baby was a long way from here. come home to find out not that far, after all sitting on the potty is the first step.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

april fool's 9 years ago today...

9 years ago today matt asked me to marry him.... can't believe it. what a crazy day as i remember it.

we had driven home to iowa to visit my family. april fool's day 1999 matt asked me to go with him to the mall close to our home. i agreed, found it strange as he had never asked me to go shopping before, but i agreed. we went and walked around and then we were in a shop i was looking around and he said, "i'll be back in a second." things started to get wierd after that. he finally came back obviously upset and said come on let's get out of here. so we started to walk to the car and i thought to myself he's going to ask me to marry him, i know it. so we get outside and he says to me, "i was going to ask you to marry me ok? but blah blah blah blah." i say blah blah blah because right there i tuned him out and started to invision my wedding and our life together. he, however, interpreted my reaction as anger or that i was very upset. so he looked around the parking lot of this mall for some place to ask me and in desperation said "come on let's go ride on the ferris wheel". looking back i find this so strange that there was a carnival in the mall parking lot in april??? anway we walked over there he paid for two rides and up and around we went, once and then twice and then i noticed him fumbling around in his pocket for something and i knew it was coming. i said, "i know what you are doing". he said, "i know you do". and then he asked me to be his wife.... i wish i could recall the exact words.... i would just have to get out my diary of that time because i know i wrote it down word for word. we got off the ferris wheel and the controler said in a very sad tone, "hope you enjoyed the ride". "oh i did thank you! i just got engaged!" i said, to which he perked up a bit and said "congratulations!" matt was relieved that it was over and at my parents house were 6 purple roses waiting for me.

our engagement started off unplanned, unrehearsed and so anti-normal. this has proven to be a representation of our relationship, but here is to what offically started for me 9 years ago, our life together as husband and wife. who God has brought together let no person seperate. Father, give us 9 x 9 more years together. you have brought us through many valleys and peaks and we know that there will be more. watch over us and continue to help us to love each other.