Sunday, January 22, 2012

18 year old matt

dear 18 year old matt,
i know that you have just entered the military and are probably on your way to iraq. i am sure you have no idea yet, but there is a girl in iowa who is going to love you someday and become your wife and drive you crazy and make you happy all at the same time. she will ask you to do all kinds of strange things. one day, many years from now, you will find yourself in a park, after a picnic with your friends, carrying a blanket, your wife's purse, a pillow for this wife who is nursing your newest baby and a publix bag full of a change of clothes for your three kids. most of the time you will do these things good naturedly because you will love this woman from iowa. but sometimes you will do it grudgingly and with a little mention of how 18-year-old-you would never have imagined this scenario.
well, 18-year-old-matt, i am writing to tell you that i appreciate that you will have to give up some things and some dreams that you would have liked to accomplish.
thank you. thank you for eventually becoming 36-year-old-matt. even though you are far from where your 18 year old self ever thought you would be.
i will love you.
love a girl from iowa


Stephanie said...

Too funny! :)

Anonymous said...

One of the sweetest love letters ever--I'm all teared up over here!
love, christi