Wednesday, January 11, 2012

rejoicing over what???

{warning-this is a post about poop}
she did it!
she finally did it!
and i am so happy that i wanna cry.
it took the right motivation i guess. and that came in the form of a little einstein's video about birthdays that she has been talking about for months. i looked it up last week and decided to buy it and make it her poopy video. i started all of this by giving her some fiber gummies for a week, to loosen it all up just a bit. (they are for kids don't worry) when i got the video in the mail, i told her that she could watch it every time she went poop in the potty.
it came two days ago.
she carried it everywhere yesterday asking me if she could watch it. i told her she could if she went poop in the potty. she asked me again this morning and i told her the same thing. she gave me a look and then she went into the bathroom. i could hear a couple of little grunts. she called me in. there wasn't anything but i could tell she was trying. "not yet honey, nothing has come out yet." i went back to the living room. she worked on it for a couple more minutes. she called me again, "meme!" i went back and there it was.
right there in the potty.
i couldn't believe it!
i am tearing up again.
i mean i knew that she wouldn't start kindergarten pooping in her diaper, but well, honestly i was starting to wonder. this has given me a window into beatrix.
a big window.
A. when she decides to do something she will do it.
B. it takes the right motivation.
C. positive reinforcement means everything to my little girl because she was positively glowing when i praised her for putting her poop where it belongs!


Ashlea said...

I love her! Congrats, B!

Anna said...

Yay beebs!

quinn :) said...