Friday, February 19, 2010

4 year old definitions

Micah has a friend over tonight and they are both in the bath tub playing. I walked by the bathroom with Beatrix and Micah asked me if they could put more water in the tub. I said sure. As the water is running Micah is splashing it around and saying "hurricane, it's a hurricane!". To which his friend says, "what's a hurricane?" Micah replied, "a hurricane is when a lot of water gets in a crazy mood." Now THAT is a definition!


Lent has arrived and it is a special time, isn't it? It has become one of my favorite times of the year. A time to reflect and anticipate the arrival of Easter. 40 days of focused thought, of self discipline, of sacrifice. This year I have decided to give up Facebook for Lent. It was a tough decision and one that is truly a sacrifice. Why? you might ask. Well, it is a way to reconnect. To get in touch with people that you normally wouldn't talk to on a daily basis. For me it has turned into an excuse though...a distraction. I go on the site and read other peoples status. What they are up to. At first it seemed harmless enough, but than something happened. I would "chat" with people on Facebook and we would laugh and be witty and silly and it was great, but than I would see the people that live close to me and they would hardly say two words to me. What is this? I couldn't help wondering why that was. Wasn't it supposed to make us closer? I started to realize that it was a false closeness for some. On a computer, even a blog, there is no one to really critique you. I can get on here and write anything I want. Caution to the wind. I can say things in private that I normally wouldn't talk about to people and I think this is dangerous. It is isolation at its best! Gone are the days of praying, calling a friend to vent, talking to my husband...I get on my on-line diary and verbally spew. So for this lenten season I am giving up a major part of my day. Facebook. If I want to communicate with one of my friends I have made a decision to either write a letter or call them. I started Wednesday and it has been tough. Yesterday I wrote a letter though and it felt really great! 40 days of preperation is wonderful. It is good to be reminded of sacrifice in a society that thinks you shouldn't sacrifice anything if it makes you "happy". Have you thought about giving anything up? Please call me so we can talk about it. :)

v-day continued

After they got back from their implosion we went to church and than to breakfast. After that we came home and Matt and the kids took a nap while I went to take pictures of my friend's little boy who is turning one in two days. It was so much fun! That night we had a baby sitter come and Matt and I went for dinner. It was a lovely night to be together and talk about our life together and the past 10 Valentine's as a married couple. Matt had taken the time to make a little questionnaire. We each wrote down 10 questions for the other one to answer. It was a lot of fun and caused some silliness and some seriousness. We laughed, I cried and just had a wonderful night reconnecting! I am so thankful for my family....for these two babies that light up our life and for the love of my days, Matt. Sensitive, thoughtful, caring and challenging when I need it. Hope your Valentine's Day was full of love! Mine sure was...

Valentine's Day 2010

imploding valentine's day

Matt and Micah started Valentine's Day with a bang! literally. There was a building in downtown West Palm that had been majorly damaged by Hurricane Wilma. The building owners have been trying to get permission from the city for years to demo it. Well, Valentine's Day they got the green light and M and M went to watch along with thousands of other people. It was a fun way for them to start the day of love!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

i wish...

micah says to me tonight as he is going potty before bed -"mommy do you want to go potty with me?"
me-"i can't buddy."
micah- "oh that's right you don't have a penis."
me-"nope, i sure don't"
micah-"why don't you?"
me-"cause only boys have them."
micah-"oh, i sure wish you had a peepee though. (waving his finger up and down pointing at me) i mean you could look like this, but you could stand and go pee with me. that would be great!"