Monday, January 30, 2012

crafty goodness

last friday i took the girls to my work so they could all meet penelope. it was a wonderful visit and it felt so good to get out of the house for the morning. while we were up that way i decided to stop in to my very favorite store, Anthropologie.
sigh...everything in there is unbelievably beautiful. i walked around slowly with pips in the sling and beebs in the stroller. i could go at whatever pace i wanted to. i wandered back to the clearance section and i spied these paper clips on sale for 7 dollars. i knew they would work perfectly attached to headbands for the girls.
i started by cutting them off the paperclip.
then i bought some snaps at the fabric store.
next i hand stitched two of them onto some super skinny elastic. i made the elastics long enough to fit beatrix and one to fit penelope. i also made two more headbands that i only sewed one snap to. that way they could wear just one butterfly or we could double it up for extra butterflyness.
i also hand stitched the top part of the snap onto all of the butterflies so i can mix and match them.

bea likes to wear them doubled up.

so pretty and a great deal too.


maggie said...

Love these! I actually have these paperclips and although G won't leave headbands in her hair like this I could put them on clips! Great idea.

Dajana said...

That's very creative Lydia. Awesome idea.