Monday, January 30, 2012

garbage for dinner

there are many things i love about matt. one of them being the fact that he can turn frustrating situations between micah and i into laughable moments.
he is a bomb defuser.
i had been working hard on dinner for over an hour one night last week. i had seen on a cooking show a recipe for risotto, which i love and never make because it takes so long. this was a recipe for almost-no-stir-risotto. i even broke open our bottle of champagne hidden away in the back of the fridge for the recipe. hey, it called for white wine. never mind the glass i poured for myself with the added couple of strawberries while i was cooking. ;) i had also made salmon and broccoli. micah came into the kitchen just as i was getting it all together, while holding pips in the sling i might add.
"what's for diiiinnnnner?" he whined
"salmon, rice risotto..."
"what's risotto?"
"just a kind of rice buddy."
"oh man! rice! gross!"
"well, that's nice to hear after cooking for over an hour."
"do i have to eat that?"
matt piped up, "no, you don't. you can have garbage!"
"yeah", i chimed in. "i'll make you some garbage."
micah looked at both of us, struggling between being frustrated and laughing. he decided to go with being frustrated and stomped out of the kitchen. my son does not do well when his blood sugar is low.
matt looked at me and got a slightly evil grin on his face. "watch this" he said.
he went to the garbage can with a plate and piled all kinds of nasty things on it and took the plate to the table with a fork. "micah" he yelled, "come to the table. your dinner is ready."
it's garbage for dinner.
micah was not amused, but matt and i almost peed our pants we were laughing so hard. it wasn't until we looked at the picture later that we realized it was even more disgusting due to the enormous cock roach on the plate. it makes me shiver just looking at it. so gross! haha
matt is great at diffusing explosive devises.

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Dan Jones said...

That sounds SO much like our house. I wish that I could keep my cool about that stuff long enough to be silly like Matt. Thanks for posting...(we totally have a 7 year-old who's blood sugar causes for fun conversations at almost dinner time too!)