Sunday, January 22, 2012

a few things i love

i love his smile and his two missing front teeth. i love how much he loves to learn new things and how unbelieveably gentle and loving he is to his two sisters.
i love her spunk! and how much fun it is to fix her hair. i love how she calls me meme. i love when she comes in my room every morning and lays with me. and i love how empathetic she is which was a happy surprise.
i love her dimple fingers and her two little chins, i love her smell and her newness and the way her tounge touches the roof of her mouth when she grins.
i love these three little people.


kate o. said...

i LOVE these three pictures. and i love her chins, too ;)

Dajana said...

... Precious pictures

Auntie loves you all very very much ...