Wednesday, September 23, 2009

a book

micah - mommy, will you read me a book?
me - yes, which one?
micah - okey dokey.
me - okey dokey? what book is that?
micah - okey know the one about the puppet boy?
me - (realizing) oh you mean pinocchio.
micah - yes, pinnnnnooooocchio. that is what i mean.
(matt and i were rolling with laughter, by the way)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Saturday, September 19, 2009

hey uncle steve

look what i stole from Micah...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

snaggle tooth cutey pie

This is Bea's tooth. Hi tooth! Where is your next door neighbor Miss Tooth? NOwhere in sight, that is where. We were thinking that we should dress Beatrix up like a jack-o-lantern this year for halloween. All we would have to do is draw some triangles around her eyes and put her in an orange t-shirt. She has been very fussy the last 3 nights so maybe the neighbor will be moving in soon....
I found this little t-shirt at target. She wore it this Sunday with a little pink denim skirt. You could see Matt visiably melting when he saw her after I got her dressed. I said to him, "Here, let me unwrap you from her little finger" hahaha...the monster has turned to mush!

writing and dinosaurs

All of Micah's friends are in pre-school this year and so he has been a little lonely. We could have sent him to Trinity this year, but with only one car and it being a half hour away we just didn't think that it was really very practical. (I guess if I want to be totally honest too, I wasn't ready to have him gone all day long...) Anyway we have been having "school" of our own in the mornings during Bea's nap time. Last week Micah just decided to write his name, and than I told him the letters that are in other words and he wrote those too. It is things like this that show me once again that when he decides to do something the timing is usually right.
We also have been printing off dinosaur pictures, coloring them and talking about the letters that they start with and what kinds of things they may have eaten. We talk alot about what might have happened to the dinosaurs. It always leads to really great questions.

my helper

On Wednesdays I started going to a bible study. Because of this, Wednesday mornings have now taken on a new craziness. The study STARTS at 9:15 am! so we have to really rush around to get out of here on time. I came into the bathroom last week to find this scene. Pretty cute!

i wanna be a firefighter

Last Saturday we went to an open house at our neighborhood fire station. A firefighter took us on a tour of the station, than we got to sit in the trucks, look at all of the equipment and their uniforms and ...

than Micah got to spray the hose at pylons.
He ran to set them up about 12 times so that he could run back to the firefighter and spray them again.
This is Micah getting a tour of an ouchy truck (ambulance).
He had to sit in the truck one more time before we left.
All of the fire fighters were so kind and seemed to really love having us there. They had hotdogs, water and of course balloons. We even got a talk on "stop, drop, and roll". Micah looked a little confused about that conversation.
It was a really fun way to spend an hour on Saturday.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

ice storms in south florida

Saturday we had all kinds of plans and things that we should have done. Instead we laid low and played outside while Matt enjoyed cleaning the garage and listening to 80's metal bands.
"pour some sugar on the name of love"On Friday Micah had the idea to freeze some containers filled with water. Saturday we took them all outside to watch the ice melt and to build ice towers.

The towers kept toppling so he tried something different...
he put them in the pool to watch them melt even faster.
Bea loved standing on the side and watching. She dropped her cookie in a couple of times. Eventually we got so hot watching Micah playing with ice that Beatrix and I hopped in the pool with our clothes on. It was very refreshing! You northeners won't have to freeze ice in your freezer soon.

a tent

Last week we were all going a little stir crazy. Matt started back to school and I think we were all missing having him around (alot!) So in the middle of cleaning and organizing some things I stopped and had a little fun making this tent for Micah's bed. He loves it and he can't wait for the day that Beatrix can sleep in the tent with him.

for grandma {last ones from the birthday, i promise}

my mom sent micah a goodie bag....

of art supplies....
and $15.00 to use however he wanted. he choose a dinosaur of course.
Matt's parents sent him a dinosaur chia pet.
Bea loved the glue.... this girl is going to be trouble. :0
Matt didn't have to go into work until 10:00 on Micah's birthday because he had open house that night until 9:00. They were able to go to breakfest together.
Playing with the art supplies.
chewing, always chewing!
We went to Pizza Hut spontaneously the night of Micah's birthday. The three of us were going to go alone, but Micah requested calling a friend to meet us there. It worked out great. I stopped at Publix and bought a little cake.
That was the boys favorite part of the night.
At home playing with balloons.
Decorations for Micah's birthday and playing with balloons before bed.