Thursday, April 28, 2011

easter morning

bea's basket had crayons and a thomas train named dash

micah's had his new favorite movie how to train your dragon and some crayons....
and off to the side...
he got his very own action figure from the movie.
who, i must add, has been drawn enough in the last few weeks to fill up an entire sketch book.
{not an exaggeration!}
matt ordered it special from toronto canada because it has been sold out of stores in the states for months. what a great daddy!
than we headed outside for an egg hunt.
i told him if he could see them on the ground those were beebs. his were all the ones she couldn't reach.

lots of fun!
micah asked if we could do it again tomorrow and the next day.

my precious Easter flower!
isn't he pretty?

art prize

every year trinity has something called artprize.
it is an opportunity to show off the whole schools art that they have done through out the year. this year they also had a carnival to raise money for our new gym. cotton candy, an old fashioned cake walk (which i made three cakes for) and several carnival games. they also serve a bbq dinner. all the teachers help out and lots of people volunteer their time. it is a really fun event!
daddy got in on the cotton candy too!
micah watching the dunk tank and beebs and matt having a little rest.

some of micah's art work.

micah doing the hokey pokey with some of his classmates.
at the end of a long day, these two found a quiet place to sit down and say goodbye as their friends left for home one by one.

make way for....

our new {to us} piano!
we decided a few months ago that we would start looking for a piano. matt was talking to his principle at school about micah and his love of anything to do with the ocean, but that we wanted to get rid of our enormous fish tank, down size and get a piano. she said, "well, you can have ours. if you find a way to get it out of my house it's yours!" so we did the necessary steps of selling our other tank to make room and then matt borrowed a truck, rounded up some graduated students with muscles and moved it in a couple of hours. both matt and micah are going to take lessons from a dear friend of ours. they can't wait to get started! though micah sees it as a gate way instrument to the one he really wants to play...the guitar.

hopefully this is the start of years of making music in our home.

new fish tank

we sold our huge 55 gallon fish tank and in its place we got this 29 gallon one and put it in the kid's room. it is already so much more fun than the other one ever was and we had it for 3 years. this tank is teaming with life and is so much easier to maintain. plus the kids love watching it at night as they are falling asleep.
very dreamy!

pictures of a couple of the corals we have gotten so far.
there is also a clown fish, a gramma fish and two fire fish in our tank, a cleaner shrimp and lots of little hermit crabs. matt has been teaching micah the scientific names of the fish. great bonding conversations as they head to school in the morning.
this is defiantly something we never would have had if we still lived in michigan.

thomas and braids

beebs is OBSESSED with thomas!
i mean she loves him.
micah didn't even want to watch thomas as much as bea does.
i am obsessed with doing her hair like this.
i LOVE it!
it makes me wish my hair was long enough to braid...
obsessions are fun sometimes.