Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Comparison ???

I get the comment almost daily that Beatrix looks just like Micah. I found one of Micah's pictures from when he was 5 months and I set up Beatrix in a photo shoot to be in the same position. My response when I hear this comment is that she looks like him now, but not like he did when he was a baby. So what do you think?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Five Months!

There's Nothing My God Cannot Do

Go Fly A Kite!

Micah has been begging us to get a kite for quite some time now. Saturday we ran a bunch of errands and one of them happened to be to Costco. While we were there Micah remembered that there had been a kite there a couple of weeks ago and he wondered if "NOW can we get it mommy?" Matt and I agreed to it and he picked a dragon kite. Of course it rained all day Saturday and our little man cried alot. He doesn't really get the whole waiting thing. So Sunday after church Matt took Micah to the park down the street from us to fly it. It was VERY windy! After I fed Beatrix I drove down there to get some pictures of the event. It was pretty special watching the two of them together. It is moments like those that make you want to freeze time...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hey everyone, wanna hear the band?

Make sure your volume is up and wait for the end....pretty funny!

a double date

Thrsday night was Neal and Tanya's last night with us and so I dropped Micah off to a really good friends house who watched him so we could all go to dinner together. It was great fun. Though as you can tell from the pics we had to take little miss with us! She was good most of the time though.
A great picture of our dear friends!
A pretty crazy one of the three of us!
Beatrix gets this deer in the headlights look almost every time her picture is taken. She is constantly drooling and chewing on her fingers. Could she really be teething at 5 months? Also, does anyone know if a baby can get dehydrated from drooling?

Friday, March 20, 2009

A Day at the Art Museum

Micah drawing what he sees.
Laying on the couch looking up at the Chihuly glass ceiling.
Drawing with art teacher Tanya.
Neal gave up his "crunches" as Micah called them.
Wednesday it was raining, correction....pouring! So we decided to head off to the Norton Museum that was featuring Georgia O'Keefe and Ansel Adams. It was Micah's first time to an art museum and he LOVED it. He was literally the only kid in the whole museum and he was polite and kind to all the "old" people walking around. I brought peanut butter sandwiches, crackers and grapes so he was a happy kid. We found this room that featured a famous glass blower, Chihluy. It was an underwater world in the ceiling that you had to lay on the couch to look up at. Micah was so fun to watch. Afterwards we went to Panera Bread for some lunch. It was great fun.

A Day at the Beach

Micah wanted to bring a book to read like daddy.
Beatrix fell asleep right away.

Our friends Neal and Tanya came to visit us this week from Ontario for some sun and fun. The fun we had TONS of; the sun....not so much. Tuesday we packed up stuff for the beach and loaded up Matt like a pack horse. Neal is on crutches, but really wanted to go to the beach anyway. It is a good thing that we did cause it rained every day after that. The funny thing is that we haven't had rain in south florida for 3 months. Oh well, we did have lots of fun!

The Only Way...

This is pretty much the only way that I can get Beatrix to sleep.
Yeah, she lives on me!

Bea's First Cereal

Beatrix has been staring at me and watching everything I eat so I decided to try some cereal out on her. Matt gave Micah his first cereal so he did the honors this time with Bea too. Some of it went in, but most of it came out!

Two of a Kind

My two men warming up on the cement!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Moving Day for Beans

Small Crisis Explained: Micah's beans (see three posts down) have given him much joy. Every morning he asks me if he can go out and watch the beans grow. I didn't have the heart to tell him that they probably wouldn't do so hot on the pavement. Anyway, this morning Matt has been cleaning the back yard, raking leaves from our avacado tree, pruning the palms and pulling off brown fronds, and cleaning off the pavement. He started to sweep up a particularly dirty area fairly close to our house. I heard a "No!" and then a little boy bursting into tears. Matt saying, "Oh, buddy, I'm so sorry I didn't know." I opened the door and there was my little man with tears the size of crocodiles saying, "Mommy, my beans!" Matt looked at me and said under his breath, "Help, Small Crisis!" I gave him a quick smile and said, "Oh honey, It's ok! We need to plant them in the dirt anyway. To which Matt quickly grabbed a shovel and a new garden and one happy boy were soon planted! Crisis Averted!

Look What I Found...

Matt informs me that he did this very thing with his little brother....
It's a pretty great way to start a morning!

Little Head in a Big Cape

Micah actually requested a hair cut this time.
I think it's cause he gets suckers from the barber when it is all over.
I can not believe how he looks like a little boy now.
All traces of baby are gone....

Thursday, March 5, 2009