Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Watermelon Perfection

so micah just got up from his nap and i asked him if he would like a sandwhich.
(he is sitting on the kitchen cupboard)
me- "hey, pooh would you like a sandwhich"
micah- "yes please"
me- "ok, would you like meat and cheese?"
micah- "no, just meat"
me-"are you sure buddy? i have white cheese or yellow cheese."
micah- "no cheese is yucky. just bread and meat."
me- "ok. meat and bread sandwhich coming up. how about some watermelon?"
micah- grin grin, smiles, claps hands together, "oh, that would be perfect!"
i thought i was going to fall over i laughed so hard. what 2 1/2 year old says,
that would be perfect? what a nut i have!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


i am so proud of matt.... he has accomplished something that not many people with families ever get around to doing. my love finished his master's on monday night. he got a call from his professor who wanted him to know that he had offically completed all of the necessary steps for his Master's of Worldview Studies! isn't that amazing? if we were in canada he would be walking on Saturday. though we will not be there, since we are on the opposite end of the world, they are still going to call his name. would be cool if someone could call on their cell phone so we could hear it being called... hmmmm.... i'll have to look into that one. anyway just wanted to share this piece of news with the blogging world. my husband has completed this leg of his marathon called education! thank you for your prayers and encouragement for our family.