Sunday, May 31, 2009

i can't believe....

that NASCAR is a part of our Sundays. What??? Micah, of course, loves racecars aka "fancy cars with spoilers!" One Sunday night while I was working Matt and Micah happened upon a race and Micah saw the M & M car which we now know is number 18. This became his favorite car and Matt found out the name of the driver is Kyle Busch. He has become a household name and Matt even found this little matchbox exact replica of the car. I had to show you some pictures of what I see before I head to work on Sunday nights.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

seven months, just like that!

How did it happen? Seriously?!? Today Beatrix offically started crawling. She has been scooting around for a couple of days, but today I laid her on my bed while I was changing my clothes and up onto all fours she went. With one hand in front of the other she crawled right across my bed, straight to Micah and laughing the whole way. I think she impressed herself and so she had a little giggle about it. I took these a couple of days ago already. She is impossible to photograph. Beatrix would not hold still for a second. She ate the sign twice and then when I got her all settled down she kept falling over and she ended up losing it! I called the session over and chalked the pictures up as realistic images! I can't believe our little bird has been a part of our family for 7 months already. She laughs at Micah, especially when he gives her belly raspberries, she eats cheerios, bananas, sweet potatos and avacado, she drinks water out of a sippy cup, chews on everything, has a raging temper and a beautiful smile, she loves baths, and taking off her diaper. She reaches for me and loves to pull me in for big sloppy wet kisses. I agree with Micah, Beatrix is so silly and really wonderful!


You can definetly tell these two are related. She does not want to stay still any more and this is how she "sits" in the swing. Thankfully I did get them to sit together for a pretty cute shot, wouldn't you agree?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

a crafty rainy day

today it rained off and on ALL day. which is normally quite unheard of in southern florida. it rains almost everyday just not the whole day. does that make sense? i have been trying to finish up a blanket for my new little niece and it has become nearly impossible to find a couple of hours at a time around here. so today i got bea down for a nap and i got micah started on a project making a cardboard picture frame for his friend. while i spent some time sewing. it was nice.

taking a break to check out the down pour.

bea woke up and had some cheerios. it was a lovely couple of hours and i got quite a bit finished on my project. happy day to you!

what color is thunder?

it is storming here today. micah was in his room and came running out when he heard some thunder. "i don't like thunder!" he said. "oh that's too bad, cause i love thunder." "you do?" he asked surprised. "i do buddy. i love storms"
outside we went to change the laundry before it started to pour. when we were inside the garage he asked me, "mommy, what color is thunder?"i told him that you can't see thunder you can only hear it with your ears. you can see lighting though. "well where does thunder live?" the questions continued getting more and more complex so we looked them up on line and found this picture. he said to me, "mommy, that is lighting and it is breaking the sky apart." hmmmm....
now my little scientist is coloring on the floor and he just asked me, "mommy what do volcanoes look like cause i am drawing fire!!!" always a new question for me to answer, or at least try.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

wise no more

if where we store our wisdom truly is in our "wisdom teeth" then i am in big trouble. i got all of mine pulled out this morning. i talked myself up about it all week knowing it was coming, but when i walked down that hallway and got to the actual room tears welled up in my eyes and i started to panic... pretty sad huh? but i did. i will confess it and hope that you will love me anyway. i did. it was a full fledge panic attack. i even asked the dentist through my tears if those were blood splatters on the wall in front of the chair. he quickly LIED to me and told me "oh no that isn't blood". this is why i am so glad that matt insisted he drive me. i was trying to be all brave and go at it alone, but this morning he insisted and i really think it was a godsend cause i was scared out of my mind when push came to shove.

rationally i knew it would be fine and that the surgeon knew what he was doing, but my body took over and the flight instinct wanted desperately to kick in. matt and the doctor finally talked me into trying one tooth to see how it would go. they numbed me all up, put me on some lovely gas and pull, pull "preasure" and out it came. yeah, i felt it, not the pain but the wiggling of my head wasn't the most pleasant. i cried and they all left the room and matt talked to me about the next two. (luckily i did only have three nuggets of wisdom in my mouth) i did do the last two eventually and looking back on it i am glad that i just went ahead and got them all out at once.

i really don't understand why i was so afraid of this. i mean i have given birth to three babies, one of them totally natural for 36 hours. i passed a kidney stone the size of a popcorn kernel in january and yet i was really terrified to do this. i have been thinking it over and i think it is the anticipation that gets to me. knowing that i am willingly choosing to undergo pain. something that surgeon said to me when i was on the chair and gassed up but fighting him...was "honey you just have to surrender some control. trust me. i know what i am doing". why is it so hard for me to surrender control? i don't want to be like that...i want to be alittle more pliable and flexable and not quite so...well...controling!

so as my face returns to a normal size and i gain enough feeling to smile again at my little family i am left with that statement to think about for awhile. the dentist really tried to make it as painless as possible. i was numb from my mouth to my eyes. they were so numb i could hardly raise my eyelids after it was over. i think he may have given me alittle more gas than normal too. whatever works, i say. anyway, i'm off to change my gauze pads. now THAT is disgusting!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

the bean finale

"Mommy! Beans!"
*pause, run to beans, start picking a few, looks at me*
"Do you think we could have them for lunch?"

Of course we will have you for lunch dear beans. Beans, fruits of our labor. Beans, that we have watched grow from a tiny kidney bean.
We will watch you boil away in hot water beans.
We will admire how green and beautiful you are, beans.
We will shout out, "Mommy, they have SEEDS in them!"
And finally we will try you, beans. And we will pronounce you "mmmm, yummy beans!"
But then we will ask for some oranges and a peanut butter sandwhich.
Seriously, did you all really expect a 3 1/2 year old to eat them even though he grew them?
Beans, it has been a great journey.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mama's Day

alright all you mama's out there....
what did you get to do for mother's day?

Friday, May 8, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ballgame...

Tonight we all went to a Trinity baseball game. Tonight was the semi-finals. They won something like 12 or 14 to nothing... a little bit sad for the other team. It was really fun seeing all of the kids from Matt's classes and a few of the teachers and staff members. It was a gorgeous night to be at a baseball game. Beatrix was happy being held by Daddy most of the night and I kept an eye on Micah who brought his baseball glove and was in heaven playing catch with some of the other little kids. He met one little boy who was very happy to play catch with him the whole game. Micah was pretty proud of himself and kept telling me what a "great thrower" he is. He also kept telling me to "watch this mommy" every time he had the ball. It was a really fun evening and was great to get out as a family.

Micah's Self Portrait

This is Micah's first self-portrait. He drew it for me today before lunch. I asked him to tell me about it. He told me that he drew his eyes, "all three parts". I asked him what the middle part was. "That is the poopy mommy." "The poopy?" I said. "Yes, he said then the blue part and then the white part." "Oh you mean the pupil?" "Yes," he said, "the pupil". Then he told me that he drew his legs, but he didn't know how to draw his feet. And the line going across is the weather blowing the fireworks that he and daddy watched "last day". Last day is the term Micah uses for yesterday. Super cute.... I love the detail that he gave to his eyes. It was amazing to me, maybe just cause I am this kids mommy, but it was amazing that he drew the three parts of the eye. Anyway, thought I would share his portrait. enjoy

All Before 9:15

It's been a busy morning already!