Monday, January 30, 2012

sunday afternoons

there is something extra sweet about sunday afternoons. there is the realization that monday will be here again soon and so sunday afternoons tend to get packed with all of the things that didn't get finished over the weekend. like car washing, which matt loves to do almost every weekend. the kids joined him last sunday by washing their own vehicles.
as i asked beatrix to look at the camera she moved the hose right over micah.
resulting in...
a wet shirt and thankfully, a smile.
my girl.
those are micah's baseball socks she has on. the socks go all the way up to her thighs like the leg warmers of the past.
i love pictures that tell a story. don't you? this one tells a great story. the two of them sitting next to each other watching a movie after cleaning their bikes. a bag of carrots bigger than penelope sits to the side of beatrix with a few directly behind them for easier access. the reappearance of pacifiers in our home and gripe water too for baby belly aches. beatrix's christmas kitchen is still planted in our living room because i haven't had time to move it.
this picture tells a story.
it is the best kind of picture.
just some cuteness
this is a project that kept getting put off. first i put it off because it was so hot when we first moved into the house i didn't want to stand outside long enough to paint the grates. then a baby came and well you know how that goes. so this last weekend was the one that matt said enough and he painted them himself. no more open vents in our ceiling.

oh, i need to take that dead poinsettia off of the tv cabinet too. sigh

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Mom VC said...

What a nice look for a finished ceiling!!! :o)
I love you guys,
Mom VC