Saturday, February 28, 2009

Children's Sympony

This morning Micah, Beatrix and I went to a special sympony that Palm Beach Atlantic University put on free for children. A friend told me about it a couple of weeks ago and it sounded like something that Micah would really enjoy. He has been talking alot lately about wanting to learn to play the drums and the guitar. I thought it would be the perfect way to show him alittle more about music. Afterwards he informed me that he now wants to learn first the guitar, second the drums and third, pointing to his three fingers, the trumpet.
They had a full orchestra. The conductor went around to the 4 sections of the orchestra and talked about each of them, the percussion, the strings, the woodwinds and the brass. The groups demonstrated their various sounding instruments too. Then they played several songs all together and the kids that take lessons at the college did a demonstration as well. In the middle of one of the songs, Micah yelled out "Look Mommy there's God!"
And as you can see there He is. Ha haa! That caused some laughter from me.
Bea is in the sling as usual and slept through most of it. Except the kettle drum demonstration. She jumped during that.
Micah wanted to bring his noculars so he could "see the music." It was a really fun morning!

Toasting Marshmellows

Thursday night I made steak and told Micah that if he ate his meat and fruit we could roast marshmellows. "Like camping?" He asked.

It was alot of fun, but he didn't like them all soft and gooey. That's ok, I told him, Mommy loves marshmellows.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hockey Night in South Florida

Micah - "Jesus will be so proud of me that I scored a goal!"

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Four Months

My baby is four months old, already! I really can't believe how time speeds up when you add another kid. She is smiling all of the time now, especially at Micah. She laughs and coos and squawks! very verbal little lady. Beatrix can roll over from her tummy to her back and she can keep her head up for a long time when she is on her belly too. Unfortunately sleeping at night has dwindled. She was going for pretty long stretches but is back to three or four hours at a time again. I think I may need to introduce solid foods with her faster then I did with Micah. He couldn't care less about food when he was little...he is still like that. Micah is a great big brother and hasn't exhibited any signs of jealousy which is such a blessing. Bee bee we love you and happy 4 months!

A visit with Iowans!

Sunday was a wonderful day! My Grandparents, two aunts and uncles and two cousins went on a cruise and happened to deport in Ft. Lauderdale which is only an hour south of us. We planned to get together all day Sunday since their plane going home didn't leave until Monday. It was wonderful to spend the day with them and watch Micah interact with his cousins.

Grandma Jacobson with Beatrix.
Aunt Carrie with Beatrix. (side note-- Micah kept calling Carrie Grandma for the first hour or so we were all together. He thought she looked like my mom.)
Uncle Mark, Aunt Becky and their daughter Meredith watching Beatrix.
Olivia and Micah had so much fun in the pool. He borrowed this baby floater from someone that was staying at the hotel. Pretty funny to see him in something so small.
We all went for a late lunch to a seafood resturant right by their hotel. The meal lasted almost 3 hours cause we were having so much fun visiting.
Micah and Olivia outside of the resturant.

(oh, my posture is horrible in this picture, but everyone else looks so good!!!)
Micah cried and cried when it was time to go and honestly I felt like crying right along with him. It was so nice to be with family. To watch them interact with Micah and Beatrix and laugh and play with them was something that will not be soon forgotten.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

An amazing date night!

Tuesday night Matt and I got to go out for the first time I don't even remember the last time we went out just the two of us. I bought tickets to a Jonny Lang concert in Ft. Lauderdale for Matt for Valentine's Day. It looked like our hopes for a baby sitter had fallen through at the last minute, but a very kind neighbor lady of ours came to our house and watched both kids. She saved us! Thank you Ginny!!!
Jonny Lang came out with his first album when he was 13! Seriously, goggle him and listen to some of his songs. Though I have to feel kind of sorry for you because nothing is like seeing him LIVE. This was his 4th album, Turn Around. It is very apparent from the lyrics and then getting to talk to him after the concert (yeah we got to meet him!) that he is saved. He accepted Christ 3 years ago and has fallen head over heals. Honestly Matt and I felt like we went to church it was that good.

One of the few pictures we have of the two of us.
Matt was super excited! Can you tell ??? This is really his happy face.
He is only 26 or 27. What a baby face! He reminded me of my friend Amy's husband.
Micah in a shirt Matt bought him at the concert. Guess he needs to grow into it a bit!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

playin trucks

Lazy Days of....winter

i'm tired...can anyone else out there relate? two kids have put me over the edge, or at the very least hanging there precariously. but it is moments like son running under and through and around the sheets hanging on the line that helps to keep me going. these little ones are so innocent and amazingly beautiful. i need to inhale and exhale, inhale and exhale. say it with me...inhale the good, exhale the other.

My Valentine's Day Sweeties!

happy valentine's day to my two little loveys

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sea World

As usual it has taken me a long time to get pictures up from our fun weekend "up north". My weeks and days seem to be flying now that I am back working a couple of nights a week. We really had an amazing time at Sea World with Mark, Katie, Elise and Celia. It created some wonderful memories! Thanks so much Mark and Katie!!! I hope you enjoy this sampling from our fun day. (if you want to see the pictures larger just click on them with your mouse. To get back to this screen click on the back arrow key in the upper left hand corner not the red X. That's for you mama, heehee)

Micah in the car 8 minutes after leaving the park. I timed it!