Thursday, November 11, 2010

harry potter

normally i limit my blog posts to stories or pictures about the kids. occasionally i write about what i am personally going through. this is one of those times. on October 17th (i know this because i wrote it as my facebook status) i started to reread the harry potter series. i can't remember the exact year that i read the first book for the first time, but it had to be around the time that i was dating matt because i remember his mom sending me an article about the books. they were rather controversial at the time that they were first published. book one had been out for awhile because it wasn't long before i read book 2. i believe it took 8 years for the author to finish the series. (not sure on that one) anyway, after movies 1-3 came out i finally convinced matt to read the books too. and he did...slowly! it was agony not having anyone to talk to about the books, especially my husband. i wanted to talk about the details and the amazing way that the stories were formulated. pure genius! it got to the point after he had caught up with me that we started going to the midnight release's of the books. I remember one in particular that we went to for book 6. i was pregnant with micah. there is a picture of us at the party. hmmm.... that is a special memory.

two years ago we decided to host a "harry potter party marathon" on the day that the 6th movie was due to come out. we invited a bunch of matt's students that had graduated the previous year to come to our house to watch 1-5. we started at 9 in the morning and didn't finish them until 10:30 that night. after which we left micah (i was pregnant with beatrix at the time) with a babysitter, who was none the wiser since he had been asleep for hours and went to sit in the theater and wait for an hour and a half for the 6th movie to begin. silly i know, but fun none-the-less.

this year we planned a couple of months ahead to do the same thing. part one of the 7th movie is due to open on November 19. so once again we invited those same students to come and have a marathon on the 18th so we can go to the midnight showing. though sadly i will be gone for most of the day at an orientation for my new job at the Breaker's Hotel. we have already purchased our tickets! all this to say i decided that i would reread the series again. as i was reading book one for the second time it felt like i had never read it at all. 13-14 years can do that to a person. i was more aware of the intricacies of the plot lines and her amazing way of foreshadowing what was coming in book 7. i totally sound like a nerd...and you know what i am ok with that because this series of books is worth being a nerd about. i love the fact that when i read these books i disappear for awhile and it almost feels like (dare i say it) that jk rowling wrote this series just for me... it has that quality about it. it makes you feel as if you are the only one who could possibly love it as much as you do. like you sympathize with the characters more then anyone else, that you are the only one crying at the endings or the sentimental parts of the books. i inhaled this series. i started on october 17th and finished tonight and you want to know the sick thing? i'm thinking about starting them again.

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