Monday, November 1, 2010

my van gogh

{click on it to make it larger}
micah has found a creative voice. he uses pencils, crayons and sometimes markers. he has been drawing like a fiend these last few weeks. this is an underwater scene. in it he has drawn real creatures such as flounder, hammer head sharks, rays, bubbles, sailfish and other sharks. but the thing that i found fascinating was his ability to create made-up creatures as well. for instance, see the two headed red thing right in the middle with a body underneath it that has swirls and triangles and squares? that is a micah creation called an alien shark. pretty cool huh? it has been a whole different kind of wonderful watching him express himself this way and really exciting too as i now get to see tangible drawings of some of the happenings of his mind. i love that it is a deeper way to communicate. we have taken to hanging his pictures all around the house. he just grabs the tape and puts them up anywhere. at first it bothered me. i found it messy and i guess i was caring too much about our house "looking good". but then matt corrected me and rightly so...i needed it. he said, "babe, micah is only going to be young for a short time. and he's really only going to care about putting up his pictures all over the house for a short time too. i think we should try to enjoy this phase instead." that is what your best friend is gently remind you of what is really important.

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