Monday, November 1, 2010

making costumes

i made micah, matt and beatrix's halloween costumes this year. when we began the conversation a month ago micah wanted to be a hammer head shark and i lay awake in the evenings thinking how i could go about making that. i pretty much had an idea of how i would do it and then he changed his mind. "no mommy, i think i would really like to be a tyrannosaurus rex. they are much scarier and i want it like this..." at which point he began to describe in detail how he would like me to make the t-rex. about a week after that micah had been talking to daddy about spooky things and he decided that he wanted to be a tarantula. i said, "micah are you SURE you want to be a spider?" he said, "yes, mommy, i think a tarantula would be very VERY spooky!" so i began to plan out how i would go about making a spider. looking back now...i really don't know what i was thinking. why didn't i just buy a black hoody and throw some legs on the back of it and call it good? cause i like to make things difficult. that is why. but it really was fun. and now that it is made, i really can't believe i did it. i literally prayed all day that God would enable my creative juices to flow freely so i could figure out how to do it.
this is from the back of it. minus the arms. i bought faux fur so that it would look realistic.
laid out on the floor before i began hand sewing it all together. micah picked the black buttons and red ones to go in the middle. pictures of the finished product up soon.

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Dajana said...

Have an idea... You should open a business that sell's homemade costumes and they come with a personalized story book ... You're so good at both of them that people would love to have your Unique work :))) ... I'm inn .
Really you know how I feel about your writting :).
Either way I still think you're so crafty :).