Monday, November 1, 2010


October 20, 2010...beebs is two. we started off the morning dropping daddy and micah at school. you opened one present...i mean micah "helped" you open your present. it was a book.
we kissed daddy goodbye and you and me ran our errands.
the phone rang several times while we were out with calls from those that love you and want to wish you a happy birthday. you didn't know what to do at first...
eventually you got it down.
we had a nice dinner together and then you opened the rest of your presents. this is you telling them all thank you in your special way.

you opened mommy, daddy and micah's gift to you last. a pillow pet shaped like a panda. daddy thought you would like it cause of your love of the movie kung fu panda and how much you scream whenever it is on.
after singing happy birthday we had cake. i made coconut cake with strawberry filling. the icing was cool whip.
you tried the cake politely and then ate two helpings of ice cream. happy second birthday beatrix sparrow! we are so thankful that we have you. you were a total surprise to us when you were born and you continue to surprise us with your clever little beatrix ways.

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