Monday, December 6, 2010

feast day

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the friday before thanksgiving was feast day for micah's kindergarten class. matt was already on break so he stayed home with beatrix. it was great fun to get to spend some quality time with just micah. the room moms set it up and it was an amazing time of eating together and hearing the kids do some of their songs and poems. i have so many cute pictures of the kids and micah with his friends, but i can't post them here. trinity has a strict policy about putting pictures of other students on the internet. i agree 100 percent! but here are a few that i can post. the list at the bottom is one thing that each student is thankful for. i scrolled down looking for my son's name. and when i found it...well, he didn't disappoint and tears came to my eyes quickly. i hugged him and was so thankful that he is indeed thankful for the world.

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auntie Dajana. said...

awwww... Micah, you are the most thoughtfull little boy EVER.
Love you buddy...oxoxox