Monday, November 1, 2010

a pre-birthday party

the sunday before beatrix's birthday we went to our pastor's house and she and her husband jim threw a little party for bea. it was incredibly thoughtful and done with such consideration for the things that beatrix really enjoys. like an elmo balloon and one with a beautiful butterfly. she made some of bea's favorite things to eat like macaroni and cheese, hot dogs and lots and lots of fruit.
ALL grins!
after dinner we headed to the pond by shirley and jim's house to feed the ducks and run micah's motor boat.
the kids were fearless!

the cake was cupcakes shaped like a flower.
and this teddy bear present was a real hit.
micah and mr. jim enjoyed drawing sea creatures together at the end of a wonderful evening.
we miss our families something awful, but we are so thankful for the supplement the Lord has provided. truly thoughtful and generous friends.

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