Monday, November 1, 2010

tricks and treats

matt's idea this year was to have beatrix and himself dress up as prisoners. i have to admit i was envisioning something alittle more cutesy. but since i got to pick her costume last year, matt had dibs on this year. so it was up to me to transform them since i doubted that there was such a thing as prison garb for toddlers. it was fun watching yards of material change into actual clothes for both of them. i'll tell you what, i have a new found appreciation for the people all over the world that make our clothes. it is one tough and time consuming task! but worth it cause i think they turned out pretty great and a little too realistic. *grin*

this picture cracks me up because it seriously looks like they are walking around a prison yard killing time! hahaaaa!

creepy tarantula!
cutest little convict EVER!!!
from the back in all its 8 leg glory!
ready for some treats
annoyed with my millions of pictures...just trying to capture it all....trying to capture it all.
the neighbors just went on and on about how scary micah looked and so creepy!!! he was ecstatic with the responses since that was his goal.

while we were walking about half way into trick or treating micah looked up at the sky and noticed that it was dark out but "getting" light on the horizon. he looked at me and said, "oh. my. goodness, mommy! it is almost morning!! we have been trick or treating all night long!!!" matt and i looked at each other over his head and silently laughed. we didn't have the heart to tell him.
headed home exhausted but happy and excited to look at our loot.
i did end up carrying micah's costume home. for the most part his excitement trumped his warmth, but when all hope of more candy was done he was more then happy to have me carry it back.
"WOW, mommy look at all my candy!!! will you put some in my lunch box tomorrow?"
digging into hers too. started with a sucker.
after the candy eating was done for the evening, micah was sitting naked in the bathroom on the stool with his head in his hands looking incredibly sad. i asked him what was wrong and he said, "mommy i can't believe halloween is over. i just wanted it to last longer! then he looked at me and said, "next year i want to be a surf boarder!" i told him he had plenty of time to decide.

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