Friday, November 30, 2012

pizza, doritos, and a cake with purple frosting

for weeks before her birthday beatrix would talk about her party. "mama, my bif-day soon? i wan buder-fy bif-day cake. al-mo my bif-day? al-mo? AL-MO? mama! do u hear me?" haha, it was hilarious. every time we rode in the car, every bath, every meal, i'm serious...this day was anticipated with a capital A!
i waited to plan the details of her birthday party until a week or so before the actual day because she kept changing her mind. it went from a rainbow cake, to a flower cake, and finally it landed on a cake with purple frosting. she also wanted a butterfly birthday party. 
the night before the big day i started to decorate her cake. it wasn't going the way i wanted it to and i was feeling frustrated and very very tired. bea came into the dinning room and asked me if she could help. normally i would say no. i'm gonna be honest. it's easier to do a "pretty" cake on your own. but i looked at her hopeful face and i could hear the longing to help and so i said, "sure". she excitedly climbed up to the table and we got to work. i covered the whole think in purple fondant and then she said she wanted orange and blue too. so we mixed them together and she cut out butterflies, put frosting on the backs of them and glued them to her cake. bea wanted sprinkles on top, but the sprinkles wouldn't stick to the fondant. so we slopped some icing on top and some blue sugar and multicolored sprinkles  then we added fake flowers and "grass" all around the edge.   she was IN LOVE with this cake. 
she kept going into the kitchen all night and the next morning. i would hear the fridge door open and close and i thought she was going in there too look at it.  but later on the morning of her birthday i opened the fridge door and looked at the "grass".  there were little beebee finger marks all around the cake. i just laughed and thanked God that we have good friends who won't care about a germ-y cake. 
i decided to make pizza's. and so this picture below is 6 pizza crusts worth of dough rising. 
letting beatrix open one of her presents. 
she had a mountain of presents this year which has never happened before. 

reading the thomas book together.

bea's teacher, mrs. mineo, gave her a super soft thomas blanket and a thomas puzzle. 
incredibly kind.

lights for her party. 
we had another "front yard" party for her birthday. 

letting a friend from school try her bike out. 

bea was loved on sufficiently and at the end of her special day she felt extremely happy.
i can't believe my little bea is 4...she has grown so much in the past year. the best thing is that her confidence has grown. and that makes her parents especially thank-full!

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