Sunday, December 2, 2012

penelope surprise

look who is one years old today!!!
i am about a month behind in blogging...geesh it's been crazy and i can't seem to get posts up, but i don't want to stop taking pictures. so what happens, i put penelope's birthday post up right after i wrote about beatrix's birthday which was a month and a half ago! ahhhh... whatever. i'll get caught up eventually. 
in the mean time, a year has come and gone. 
she walks, she "talks", she has 8 teeth and an emerging personality that micah was right about, 
she's somewhere in between he and beebs. i can't write too much more about it right now or i will start to cry. 
we'll save the honest reflection for a late night writing purge. *wink* 
happy first birthday penelope noel darling! 
you usher in a magical time of the year with your magical smile. 
we love you!

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