Friday, November 16, 2012

one came out

 micah had been working on these top two teeth for what felt like weeks. one night he came out of his room after i had put him to bed and he whispered, "i think my tooth is ready to come out."  i asked him if he needed any help. he shook his head and disappeared into the bathroom. he reappeared a minute later with a tooth in his hand. excited. happy. so proud. 
the tooth fairy, thankfully, remembered to come to the house minutes before matt and i's bedtime. *wink*  the next few days micah worked and worked on the remaining front tooth. 
a couple nights after that while i was giving the girls a bath, he came in and started working on his tooth again. 

aw the frustration. 
 he'll keep working at it. 
(spoiler---he did loose it the next night. we were sitting at the table eating dinner. i looked over at micah and he had a shocked look on his face. on the tip of his tongue was his tooth. just sitting there.)

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