Monday, November 12, 2012

a rice krispie globe

 the end of september micah had his first large project due for second grade. the project was to make a replica of the earth and label the oceans and the continents. he came up with the idea to make the globe out of rice krispies. and the continents out of fondant. it was a many step process. a few nights before he wrote out all of the ocean and continent names and glued them onto tooth picks. then the next night he printed out an atlas page and cut out the continents. the next night he helped me make the rice krispie treats and shape them into a large circle. and finally the night before the project was due, he iced the globe and traced the continents onto fondant and carefully cut them out with a knife. it was fun to watch him take the time to do each step of the process and he was so proud of the completed earth. his initial idea was to color the rice krispies three different colors to make the layers, but i told him that it might be a little much this time around. 

 he ended up getting an A+ on the project and his teacher said that during his oral presentation micah told them that fondant has alot of sugar, but that they each could have a taste of the earth if they would like to. 

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