Monday, November 12, 2012

coach pitch

 this year micah played baseball again. he played what is called coach pitch, meaning that instead of using a tee or having another kid pitch the ball, there is an umpire who throws the ball using a machine. this year matt coached micah's team. the season seemed to go super fast! a couple of the games got rained out and a couple of them were on crazy hot days, but one or two of the games were actually really enjoyable.

 waiting in the dugout for his turn. 

 the picture below is perhaps my favorite picture that i took all season....i love that his feet don't hit the ground, i love his sweaty hat hair, i love how little he looks, and i love the busyness of all the kids around him.  i adore this picture. 

 beatrix had a great time playing in the "dirt" every game. she would bring trucks and cars and by the time we went home she would be covered in red clay and smiles. penelope would last in the stroller for maybe 20 minutes. it will be nice next year when she is able to walk around and play too. 

 coach harrison giving micah the game ball for an amazing play at 3rd base!

 after this particular game micah kept running all around me, pestering me.  i had asked him several times to take off his shoes. he finally sat down to take off his shoes and then he asked me to help him. i did take off his shoes and then i proceeded to take off his shoes, the stinkiest socks ever and his dirty pants! matt was laughing so hard at us and he grabbed the camera to get a picture of me ripping micah's pants off. it was a funny way to end the season. 

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