Tuesday, August 28, 2012


 the saturday after micah's first day of school was his birthday, so he asked me to bring cupcakes in to his class on friday. we have been watching cake boss on netflix alot lately and so micah had very specific ideas on what kind of cake he wanted. this boy is detailed orientated! he wanted half coconut cupcakes and half vanilla cupcakes. i used this recipe here. and it really was the best cake i have ever made. i followed the directions to the T, well, except to the teaspoon of vanilla i added not even a 1/4 teaspoon of almond extract. it tasted like wedding cake, really really good wedding cake. 
but i digress...
 penelope, beatrix and i waited for micah and his class to come back from PE. 
when he did return he was a sweaty, red faced mess. but a HAPPY sweaty, red faced mess! 
i bought shark bites gummy fruit snacks and put one on top of each cupcake. 
he thought that was pretty fantastic.
 the class sang happy birthday complete with "cha cha cha"
 after micah blew out the candles someone yelled, "micah! what did you wish for?" 
and without any hesitation micah yelled out with a grin, "a SNAKE!!!"

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