Wednesday, August 29, 2012

back again, and ready

 beatrix's first day of pre-school this year was last wednesday. she is back at the same school and she has the same teacher which equals a very, very happy little girl! the difference in taking her this year is how excited she is to be there. it makes taking her so much easier and enjoyable. 
her speech has improved by leaps and bounds this summer. we were supposed to do summer school, but after taking her the first day and seeing that pretty much anyone under 18 in the neighborhood could come into the school for breakfast and lunch we decided to keep her home for the summer. honestly, i think the break did her good. she is saying all kinds of words and sounds now. she needs to really work on her annunciation, but the determination is there and the desire to talk which is huge! we are beyond thankful and know that it is largely due to people who have been praying for her daily.  
 i was holding penelope in the above pictures and she was being so squirmy that i spontaneously handed her to micah to hold in a picture. 
she flashed the biggest grin, as if to say thanks for including me in the picture too mama!

we only have one vehicle right now so we all take matt in at 6:00 and then we come back home and i get the kids ready. we leave at 7:30 and drop micah off and then penelope and i take beatrix. 
i have to walk her into the school, which is fine...but it does require that i get dressed. ha!
she showed a little cautious hesitation before entering the room. 
but her teacher was spotted, a huge grin broke out on her face and then she ran right into her room.
pips and i gave bea hugs and kisses and told her we would see her at 10:30.
i'm so thankful she loves her school so much!

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Andrea said...

They are all SO CUTE, Lydia!! I'm glad to hear Bea's speech is improving. Caleb just started his first "real day" at speech therapy group/preschool this morning.