Tuesday, August 28, 2012

first day of second grade

micah's first day of second grade was August 15th, a wednesday. he woke up early. 
really early. 
nervous. excited. ready. 
at least he told me he was ready, but his body language said otherwise. 
it was telling me he wasn't so ready. maybe he was a little more than a little-bit-nervous. 
he was very proud of his back pack. 
i also ordered matching detroit tiger's lunch boxes for micah and matt. 

it was tricky getting micah to take "first day of school pictures" this year. 
but i did the old, "don't smile. pleeeease, dooooon't smile."
it worked.
and then he went back to his sour pants face again.

hugs from daddy before heading to his classroom.
 and a hug for bea as well. 

 micah's teacher this year is excited about science.
all summer micah worked on experiments and research to talk to her about when school started.
i have a feeling that second grade is going to be a great year!

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