Friday, August 10, 2012

{eight months}

 august second has come and gone so quickly already. 
this past month was a huge month developmentally for penelope. she sat up on her own, started to army crawl, she figured out how to put herself into a sitting position, she pulled herself up onto the coffee table, chairs and the sofa, she started to move around these things and she also figured out real crawling! it was a busy month. one that included lots of bumps to the head and other injuries related to figuring out movement. she has been blowing raspberries like crazy, screeching and screaming, cutting her top FOUR teeth at one time, and eating pretty much everything i put in front of her. 
her favorite being mommy's asparagus risotto! {i am determined to have a foodie!!!} 
the other day she kept doing something over and over. i mean like 20 times in a row. i think she was trying to pull herself up next to the coffee table. micah asked me, "mommy why does she keep doing it so many times?" i told him that God puts it in baby's minds to repeat things over and over so that they learn how to do  them. she even wakes up doing the actions. one morning she woke up and i could hear her blowing raspberries in her bed over the baby monitor. she was blowing raspberries and getting so frustrated, it was like she couldn't control herself. hilarious. we sure have enjoyed our little peanut! 
happy 8 months pipi pants!

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