Tuesday, August 28, 2012

{seven} for real

what does the baby do while mommy is getting ready for a party? why eat paper of course! i was on the ball with this party though and it felt nice to get to be a part of micah's special day. i started preperations for the party on thursday. i premade all of the pretzel dogs, i made the cake and the cupcakes and froze them. it was nice to not save it all for the end. micah requested a shark cake for his birthday party that we had on saturday. i was thankful that he was cool with a low key swim party again this year. birthday parties here can get a little over the top so i was really happy that he was ok with utilizing our free entertainment. because of that i was more than willing to try to make him a specialty cake. i decided to try my hand at fondant, due again to our watching of cake boss. ha! 
i found a picture on-line and just tried to tell myself, "micah will think this is cool no matter what, relax!" 
the shark turned out pretty funny to me, but micah was ecstatic! 
the morning of his birthday he came in early and whispered, "is my cake finished?" to which i relied, "yes, it's in the fridge." he ran out of the room and returned very quickly. he jumped into bed beside me and whispered with an enormous grin on his face, "mommy, it's awesome! and last night i had a dream that you put the candle on the dorsal fin and you did! YOU DID put the candle on the dorsal fin!" 
i laughed and hugged him tight and whispered happy birthday love! we laid in bed for awhile and looked at his baby book. i told him the story of his birth and how happy we were when he was born. i showed him our  bracelets that we all had wore in the hospital, and we looked at pictures from the first year of his life. 
it was a wonderful way to spend the first few moments of his birthday. 
i got up and began getting ready for the party. 
our dear friends, got micah this amazing book that shows you a different part of the anatomy of a shark. 
each page highlights a different system, skeletal, digestive, nervous system, ect. 
he LOVED it!

when it was time for cake and blowing out the candles, matt and a friend carried in our present to micah. 
his new pet snake. 
you can see them in the far right corner. 
he had no. idea. 

after he blew out the candles, i asked him "buddy what did you wish for?" he just covered his mouth and shook his head. he didn't want to tell me. the day before, when he had answered that same question from someone at school, one of his classmates told him that his wish wouldn't come true if you said it out loud. 
i said, "well is that it, behind you?"
he turned around and he couldn't believe it!
is this an excited face or what?
he enjoyed looking at the snake and he and matt named him Jeff, after jeff corwin.
then we cut the cake.
micah wanted the teeth. 
i made the cake red velvet so that it would look like guts when you cut into it. 

micah kept going out to the garage to stare at jeff.
opening presents finally lured him back inside. 

it was a cake massacre. 

he had an amazing day!

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