Monday, March 26, 2012

penelope's first day at the beach

i love pictures at the beach. it's like a game of where's waldo. sometimes my favorite pictures are ones with funny things in the background. there was one picture that didn't make it onto the blog (because i look a little too "real"!) but in the background there is a little girl who is loosing the bottom part of her swimsuit. it is funny.
can you find all 5 of us in this picture?
the top picture not the bottom would be looking a long time if you were trying to find pips and i in the bottom picture.

the kids were throwing sand at seagulls. try doing that on a super crowded beach day and not getting it on some old person speed walking.
here they were holding hands, jumping waves.
i tried to get a video of it.
it was so precious.
my camera video was full. bummer.

pips slept on me in the sling for almost 3 hours.
much like another day at the beach, 3 years earlier.
when she did wake up, she woke up happy, alert and ready to get some sun.
we are starting the kids early on the tattoo front.
in reality a friend sent me an amazing st. patrick's day/welcome penelope box of goodies. one of the gifts was a packet of pirate tattoos that the kids and i put on the night before at dinner. the kids insisted the baby get in on the fun too. i got some pretty crazy looks at church. ha!
i love baby backs, the best fish and chips before a visit to the beach, warm sun, the sound of waves, the taste of salt on my lips, sleepy babes, happy kids, breezes, and holding hands with matt.

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