Wednesday, March 21, 2012

sunny mornings

our friend stopped by yesterday morning to drop off a present for beatrix. can you guess from the picture above what it was?
forgive me for over analyzing her gift, but i must.
quinn gave her wings.
i pray that by starting school next tuesday and getting some help from rhonda, who we met on monday, that beatrix will get the wings she needs to take off with talking.
rhonda is a very sweet lady who i believe has the patience of an angel. she used to work with stroke and brain injury patients until her own kids went to school and then she got a job in the school system so that she could have the same hours as them. it sounds alot like what my own mom did with nursing and her reasons for becoming a school nurse. now rhonda works with autistic high schoolers. she loves her job. and i think she is going to be a huge help. she will come every wednesday afternoon to play with bea and to help keep her on track at the school. matt thinks she will be here for me to talk to. *grin* but i will try not to use her for my own venting purposes. i confess, i see mostly short term, and this thing with bea definitely needs a long term perspective. it will be hundreds and hundreds of teeny tiny baby steps.
so, wings. that's a good place to start. i pray she finds her wings at school.
did i mention the school's mascot is TRAINS! how cool is that? see, God doesn't have to add cool little details in there like that, but he almost always does. the assistant principle of the school turned out to be a friend's husband too. i knew that he was an assistant principle, but i never knew at what school. so there are train murals all over her new school and a familiar face.
God is so kind to us.
we saw baby ducks yesterday on our walk. they were fearless. they came right up to us and the mama duck just kind of stood on the outskirts.
it was beautiful.

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