Thursday, March 29, 2012


 today was a better day for bea. she cried a bit when i left the classroom again, but i felt confident that she would recover quickly because yesterday when i picked her up she had bounded out the door like a happy gazelle. haha yesterday she rattled on and on about school. she kept making the sound, bbbbbbb B! bbbbbb B! we drove by a bus and she yelled B! she pointed at penelope and said B! she pointed at herself and said Bea bea! B. i would interpret here and there. thankfully, her teacher told me what they had talked about that morning so that i would know what questions to ask her. the theme for the week was butterflies and so yesterday when we stopped at wal-mart for a second before we picked micah and matt up she spied this swimsuit from the cart. she yelled B! and i said for butterfly. she made the sign for yes and in the cart it went. then when we got into the car i came across a song that i have listened to before, but yesterday it had new meaning for me. listen to it here.
 so today when i dropped her off and she cried again i was hopeful that she would recover quickly and have fun. and she did. 
when i picked her up today she smiled and shouted B! 

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D said...

Thank you for sharing these moments & those beautiful lyrics... I Believe our sweet Bea too will soon fly fly fly like a Butterfly.
Auntie Dajana loves you Beatrix Sparow.