Thursday, March 8, 2012

the birds

the lake we live by has a plethora (i love using that word in sentences) of birds. birds i never thought i would get so close to. last weekend, before dinner, the whole family found ourselves on another walk. this time of year is beautiful for walks and we are trying to pack as many in as possible before the heat keeps us locked in our houses. or at least in our pool. micah asked to carry the camera on this walk again. he started it out by taking a picture of our feet. which turned out to be one of my favorites. it is another picture that tells a story. a corner of his bike that he loves is in the picture, barely showing. his new shoes and my new shoes that we are enjoying. and the cement that we are standing on covered in bird poo. tons and tons of bird poo.
these ugly ducks are everywhere!
some of them are even aggressive. at least that is what the older people walking around the lake make sure to pass on to me. they are full of dire warnings of them biting my children. so far there have been no incidents. which i am thankful.
my bird.
the blue heron.
i see this majestic bird all over the lake. i am sure he follows us.
matt and i watched a pelican land in a tree close to the waters edge. but then as we looked even closer we saw that the trees all along the lake were full of pelicans and other water fowl. roosting for the night.
it was a beautiful night.

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