Tuesday, August 23, 2011

the things a mom will do

have you ever heard of angry birds?
i'll give you a minute to google it.
go ahead...
yeah, i hadn't really either.
micah and matt play the game together in the evenings on
matt's i-pad. they bond while sling shooting birds of various colors and abilities at green pigs.
i don't get the game, i don't pretend to and until last week i didn't even know who the characters were. than my son asked for an angry birds birthday party. and i started researching what, who, where and why. the internet is an amazing tool.
i found out everything i needed to know about them and thankfully there are some very creative and clever moms out there who post their findings where anyone and everyone can find and copy them.

i practiced on micah's class first.
mostly to see if they would recognize who they were.
the king pig.
a character i found out about during my research.
beatrix kept laughing and laughing at these cupcakes.
she knew exactly what they were.
and the smile that made it ALL worth it!!!!
listening to his class sing to him

eagerly anticipating her pig.

micah's teacher, helping take wrappers off.
they may be in first grade, but its not too far from kindergarten.
and just an FYI --- the majority of the kids new exactly what angry birds is.

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Ida said...

...and did you know that Angry Birds come from Finland? Just like Santa :)