Tuesday, August 23, 2011


the day after moving is...ummm...how shall i say it nicely....well, its not pretty. there were boxes piled everywhere. and the worse part of it was that i couldn't (correction, matt wouldn't let me) move any of them. boxes piled everywhere. it was amazing to me and a little mind boggling that though our new house was much larger then our old house, it looked like the stuff we had packed into our old house would never fit into our new house. {did you follow that?}
we woke up saturday morning happy to be in our new house, but tired just looking at all we had to do to put it away. thankfully most of it had gone to the correct rooms so there wasn't that sorting out that needed to take place.
my mom managed to find a place to talk to my dad. i am sure she is commenting on how much crap her daughter and son-in-law have! haha!
my children entertaining themselves amongst the mayhem.
the kid's room...
our room...
see, they find joy amongst the mayhem.
they teach me so much.

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