Tuesday, August 23, 2011

making improvements

this man worked tirelessly for over a week on our new home before we had even moved anything into it. he would go to work and than he would be at the house every night until late! he painted the trim, the ceilings, the living room, the kids bedroom, our room walls and floor and closet...plus...he and a friend built a wall!
and this man, our friend paul, was there to help matt every night after he got off from work too. the kindness and helpfulness and love that he showed us...well words just aren't enough when it comes to thanking someone like that.
i took the kids to the new house almost every night too. we would stop by to see the progress, bring dinner or clean something else. the kids liked wearing bandannas on their heads after watching their daddy to it.
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Micah really wanted to help so one night we were at the house and our friend Ashlea was in our closet painting. Micah asked if he could help her. he did a great job!
so did ashlea

this could have gotten ugly really fast!
my mom also was there to help us the week before we moved and she was amazing! her help made a HUGE difference!!! during the day she would help me by watching beatrix and a couple of days micah too while i went to run errands for matt, clean the house or go to doctor appointments and than in the evenings she would help me clean the new house or watch the kids at the new house while i ran to lowes or home depot for matt. i KNOW that she left florida absolutely exhausted, but micah and beatrix loved having her here so much that they both cried all the way to the car. her presence was missed immeasurably by all of us!
thank you mom!
from the bottom of matt and i's heart,
you truly made a difference and we appreciated it so much!

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Dajana. said...

Them Harrison boys are pretty amazing when it comes to being handy man :)

And Mom's...they never let you down for sure...

I'm so happy for you guys to be able to get a much deserved beautiful, house.

love ya.