Tuesday, August 23, 2011


saturday dawned clear, bright and angry.
just kidding.
only the birds were angry.
during my research i found a template that you could download, print out, color and tape onto the correct color balloons to make the characters. micah helped me saturday morning color and cut them out and then he told me how big i should blow the balloons up. i guess the birds are various sizes.
who knows ???
he also asked for the addition of white birds to the cupcake madness. and because i am a sucker for birthdays i willingly complied. they ended up being my favorites. i liked how the coconut made them look feathery. (is that a word? feathery?)
round two was completed much less frantically friday morning.
this is a picture of the one game that we played. the object of angry birds (or so i have been told by my 6 year old) is to throw the various birds with various abilities with sling shots. they hit different things and some how green pigs come into play along with a king pig on every level. the game i came up with was pretty simple (unlike the real thing). matt and i filled two buckets of water balloons the night before. we placed one at each end of the pool. the boys against the girls of course. than i put a bucket on either side of the pool and one in the middle that matt got to carry around. i made the buckets all worth different points. sides-5, matt's bucket 10 pts and the ones on the opposite ends of the pool from each team 20 pts. (the pts were meaningless, but i find kids love anything with points.) anway, i told them that matt was the king pig and that he could move freely around the pool....
than i whipped this little headband out from behind my back and placed it on this adorable man's head. he took it like a champ and a great sport! we all laughed and laughed and the kids thought it was hilarious to see tough mr. harrison with pig ears and a crown on his head.
a little lightness is good for the soul, right?
sadly, beatrix is terrified of balloons so she choose to stay safely on the side of the pool.
mostly on my friend anna's lap!
it turned out pretty good for a totally spontaneous game.
we didn't know what we were going to do with all of those water balloons.
everyone was ready to eat after the game. i made pretzel hot dogs.
they were a huge hit!

more pool time.
it was our first pool party after all.

another big grin.
i saw this face alot in three days!

ready to sing happy birthday and eat those angry birds and pigs.

i love him.
present time...
his very good friend micah, gave our micah this t-shirt.
micah wore it for 24 hours. i washed it and he put it back on and than packed it in his backpack for after school today.
it was a successful gift.
our dear friend ashlea and her boyfriend gave him the plush white bird that now sleeps with him and has replaced toothbrush...i'm hoping that this is just temporary as i love toothbrush.
he's been in the family for way longer.
over all it was a fantastic day!
full of fun and squeals of laughter.

micah hugged me after everyone had left and said,
"mommy, thanks alot. it was really great!"
[micah snuggling with a friend of ours new baby after the party
i had to get this in.]

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